Custom Soft Material Reusable Transparent Clear Anti Fog Protection Face Shield In Stock

1. Products: Medical protective isolation mask,
used as a face shield to prevent fluid splashing or dust.
Used for daily protection; prevent fog, spray, oil in kitchen, splashing; isolation effect.
2. Material: PET, Antifogging,
3. Products Size: 32*22 cm
4. Packaging: 1 pc in a PE bag, 240 pcs in a carton,
carton size 54*34*54CM, G.W.:10.5 KG.
5. Certificate: CE
6.Delivery time: 5-10days
Effectively protect your entire face safety, the virus comes into eyes by flying dust, spittle
Face Shields are comfortable to wear; long-time wearing protective glasses is harm to eyes and skin
The price of Face Shields is low, just 1/4 of protective glasses
Face Shield uses high transparent environmental protection substrate with high definition, no harm to health
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