Custom Boxes – Really Matter?

Why Does Packaging Actually Matter?


You want to set your product apart from others? You need to have a compelling box and design. With the help of your design, it’s quite easy to set the entire tone of customer experience.

Also, the design has the tendency to tell your brand’s story. It can also give people all the reasons they should buy your product. At the same time, the design is reaching out to the audience that they mean a lot to your brand that is why you have gone through that extra thought of making your design appealing.

There are different people with different likes and taste. Therefore, when you have different elements in the box, they can appeal to all types of people.

Remember one thing. You don’t have much time to grab the attention of your customer. Probably just a few seconds. In fact, studies show that each product gets around 7-8 seconds to make an impression. Your design, in those few seconds, have to making an impression that enables your packaging to convey all the right messages, how the customers should feel about your brand and product. It’s a long shot though, but still achievable. You just need to come up with the most compelling design than have faith in it.


The Role of Colors in the Packaging Design

To begin with, you can start off with the colors.


Some people may not realize it but colors have a huge impact on people. That is why the colors on anything, be it a box or the product itself, play a key role in the design element. From conveying certain moods to drawing the attention of the customers to driving them away, colors can do all that and more. Therefore, in order to come up with the most appealing design, its best that you study the psychology of colors and the role they play.

We will help you with this. Read along to find out how certain colors work. We have lined up certain emotions that are evoked by the use of specific colors.

  • Yellow depicts a happy and cheerful feeling.
  • If you want to give the feeling of purity and cleanliness, then white should be your choice.
  • For that hint of elegance, mystery and authority, black is certainly the way to go.
  • Blue is the true representative of feelings of peace, calmness, and joy.
  • To conjure up the sense of excitement, passion and love, red is the path to choose.
  • For a creative and adventurous feel, you should choose orange.
  • Green represents the element of tranquility and nature.

These are the many feelings and emotions that are evoked from the colors of custom boxes. You need to match the feeling with customer’s mood as well as the product you are about to pack inside.



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