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Donation Ceremony

The School was finished on 26th March 2019. It called Wangqiao Central Primary School in Dongxiang District, Fuzhou City, Jiangxi Province was established! At 10 o'clock in the morning, the donation ceremony started!

With the infinite care for left-behind children and some are from poor family, our company Crown Win Package and the loved ones from all walks of life donated this school together for the healthy and happy growth of students!The propotion of crown win package is 10%!
Lovely Children
 Children are the hope of the country and nation, especially students from poor family need the care and support of society!
Our charity brings a golden opportunity to the development of children and schools, and our hearts are closely linked. Crown Win Package will work hard, strive to improve school conditions, and create a better environment for children!
Accompany the Children
Today we come to Wangqiao Central Primary School, not only to participate in the donation ceremony, but also brought them clothing, books and toys. Total amount up to 300,000RMB.
The children are very happy and excited, they think that is the best gift we bring to them!After the donation ceremony, we accompanied the children to do activities, they are very delightful!
Donation Certificate
Through this event, we believe that students will cherish learning opportunities. We hope that they will always be like this moment. On the road of life, they will always be filled with love and upward power!

This certificate is to commemorate this charity event! And Crown Win will do the charity all the time! Hope you will be together with us!

 New School 

Every Child should have a happy family, have a good school to study, but there are still some poor villiages without good school in China. Since then CrownWin want to do something for them, so joined a local Charity since 2017. In the past two years, We saved USD30 from each order to the Charity to start building a school for the kids.

Hope you will be with us to do love charity!

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